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Blog // Connect Iowa

FirstNet on Wheels

By Sarah Hagen

In early November, FirstNet deployed an Enhanced System on Wheels (ESOW) at the 2014 Urban Shield preparedness exercise in Oakland, CA. “The exercise was designed to give public safety officials in northern California the opportunity to prepare for a coordinated, multi-agency, emergency response using advanced collaboration across LTE Band 14,” according to Government Security News.

"The ESOW enables all parties to share real-time video, images, and voice communications using mobile phones and tablets on the scene. An ESOW provides secure local, multimedia multiparty collaboration capability between user equipment and legacy devices, such as video cameras and land mobile radios (LMRs).” Having systems like the Enhanced System on Wheels significantly helps response teams in times of emergency.

Learn more and read the full article.

In Iowa, Connect Iowa in partnership with ISICSB is sharing what you can do to help our first responders. We do this by holding FirstNet presentations in counties throughout Iowa every week. Visit the calendar of presentations to see when we will be in your area!


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