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Blog // Connect Iowa

Cedar Falls Officially Named Iowa’s First Gigabit City

By CIA Staff

Contributor: Amanda Laverman

Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) announced on May 28 that Cedar Falls will be the first city in the state of Iowa to offer 1 Gigabit per second (GBPS) internet service!

The new service will be a 100 times faster than CFU’s original offerings in 1996 and much more reliable due to numerous external connections to places such as Chicago and Kansas City. This great increase in speed will help Cedar Falls attract new and expanding businesses.

“We’re an innovative community, one of the first communities to deliver broadband services 15 to 17 years ago and we’re back in that position where we are one of the leaders,” said CFU Network Services Manager Rob Houlihan. “Businesses that are here or might be interested in moving here realize that innovation does happen in Cedar Falls, Iowa and [we can] use that as a selling point.”

This service is made possible through CFU’s city-wide fiber optic that currently serves over 600 businesses and 11,000 homes, including 400 rural properties. While many customers won’t immediately seek 1 gigabyte services, a request for the service can be processed within the very day it’s received. The demand for reliable, speedy broadband access has greatly increased over the years as it’s become a crucial part of Cedar Falls residents’ daily lives.

“One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is the transformation of broadband access from an innovation back in the ‘90s, to a convenience that people want, to an essential service for businesses and families,” said CFU General Manager Jim Krieg. “Today customers are looking for more than speed. They demand the highest reliability for their broadband connections, just as they do for electric or water or gas service.”

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