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Blog // Connect Iowa

230,000 Iowa Residents Telework from Home

By CIA Staff

By Dev Joshi, Research Analyst at Connected Nation

Broadband is an important tool that affects how we live, work, and play. For example, according to new research conducted by Connect Iowa, 16% of employed adult Iowans use the Internet to telework instead of commuting – that translates into approximately 230,000 Iowans who go online instead of dealing with the added cost, time, and frustrations of commuting. In addition, 27% (or about 392,000 employed adult Iowans) said they would telework if their employer allowed it. This is more than two-fifths of the employed population in Iowa that either are teleworking or are interested in teleworking.

Connected Nation has surveyed more than 27,000 adults across 10 states to see how people are using broadband, and to see why some people still have not decided to subscribe to broadband service at home. Be sure to check back here frequently as more results from these surveys become available.


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