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Blog // Connect Iowa

Updated: Telcos Make Broadband Deployment Commitments to FCC

By Tom Koutsky

Updated: Read the CN Policy Brief on the Connect America Fund Phase I filings Continue reading CAF Phase I filing story, original posted July 24, 2012: Today, several of the larger telephone companies made multi-million dollar commitments to the FCC to deploy broadband in currently unserved areas of the country.  These providers will build out broadband to these areas over the next three years, in exchange for a one-time payment of $775 per location from the FCC’s new Connect America Fund. Frontier, CenturyLink, Windstream, FairPoint, Consolidated, ACS, and other providers made detailed filings before the FCC today. ...

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Network Stumbler: A Powerful Broadband Tool

By CIA Staff

Contributor: Layne Wagner - Technical Engineering Analyst Tools utilized by providers, industry experts and network engineers are becoming safer and more effective to use while off the beaten path.  One tool in particular, called Network Stumbler, has caught the attention of providers and engineers alike. Better tools, like the Network Stumbler, make it easier for our organization, and our partners, to bring broadband access to more schools, businesses, and communities across the country. Recently, Connected Nation's Wes Kerr had the opportunity to test NetStumbler and the tool’s ability to aid network technicians in conducting coverage...

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Connect Iowa Report Shows How Broadband Helps Iowa’s Workforce

By CIA Staff

Contributor: Dev Joshi, Research Analyst In its newest report titled Broadband: Empowering Iowa’s Workforce, Connect Iowa shows that businesses and workers in Iowa are benefitting by improved access and adoption of high-speed Internet. Connect Iowa’s 2011 Residential Technology Assessment shows that two out of five (39%) or 720,000 adult Iowans search or apply for jobs online, while more than 24,000 Iowa businesses (including DuPont Pioneer, whose successful incorporation of broadband into the hiring process is spotlighted) recruit workers online according to the 2011 Connect Iowa Business Assessment. Despite the powerful resource...

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The Great Rural America Paradox

By Connected Nation

When you think of rural America, do you see scenic settings and strong communities that are growing because of the small town support structures of family, friends, and neighbors? Across our nation, people look to rural living as a throwback to simpler times, but unfortunately the idealized version of rural America that we've created in our minds is often quite different than the reality. Rural America is struggling economically, and in many places, stands on the wrong side of the digital divide. Bob Stallman, President of the American Farm Bureau and member of the Connected Nation board, has addressed the problem in a recent article he...

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