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Broadband is not available to me yet.

Realizing Broadband's Benefits

Iowa and its citizens realize that the opportunities that exist with broadband have not been fully embraced. Without sufficient broadband access and a high level of technology adoption, Iowa communities and residents will remain technologically and economically crippled in today's digital world.

Connect Iowa, in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Economic Development, will ensure all communities - rural and urban - have access to the unlimited benefits associated with broadband. We look forward to supporting Iowa's efforts to increase broadband availability and adoption across the state.

National Broadband MapNational Broadband Map is Now Available!

After two years of groundbreaking work, the National Broadband Map is now available for viewing.

We invite you to explore this map, which provides the first nationwide glimpse at broadband coverage across the United States.

Connect Iowa Broadband Map Launch

Iowa's broadband maps are now online! You can access them here on the mapping page. We look forward to your feedback.

Connect Iowa's Broadband Planning Report and Technology Assessment Now Available

Iowa's broadband planning report and technology assessment are now available for download. In addition, you can explore the report more on the Research webpage. We look forward to your feedback.



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